Be A Mentor

Learning from experts who have already experienced the nuances of creating a lucrative business is a great way for novice and developing entrepreneurs to learn how to be successful!

Our Mentor Match program connects experienced business woman and business professionals with newer business owners. So many people helped us along our path to success. It’s great to give a hand up to those needing advice and guidance to get their company “unstuck” and moving on to the next level. They need to dedicate some time to look at the big picture and be held accountable for attaining the goals that they set.

Mentor Cost: There is no cost to be a mentor, you will be volunteering your time and providing guidance using your knowledge and experiences.

Qualifications: Minimum 8+ years in business with much experience and success.

Timeframe: 12-months, meeting a minimum of once a month.

Commitment: Must be committed to regular meetings and working to hold “Mentee” accountable for reaching mutually established goals during the program.

Registration: Please fill out this Mentor Application

If you are interested in being a Mentee, we will work with you to find the perfect Mentor with the experience to help you attain your business goals. Learn more about eh Mentor Match Program HERE. Or, fill out this Mentee MENTEE Application form.

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